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Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery,
Food Packaging Machinery Manufacturer in China.
All products are CE certified.

We are a Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery, Food Packaging Machinery Manufacturer in China

Welcome to the Ruian Antai Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. We are a specialized pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer, based in China. Founded in 1998, we have been in the pharmaceutical industry for over ten years. Our experience and knowledge in this field enables us to provide a vast range of superior products, including a blister machine, blister packing machine, food blister machine, automatic cartoning machine, cosmetics packaging machine, capsule filling machine, and more. Our pharmaceutical machines, which are reliable, long lasting and easy to operate, are made in line with applicable international standards such as CE and GMP. Thus, global customers can feel secure in purchasing and using them.

Main Products
  • Auto-Checking Blister Machine (DPB-250B-I)
  • Auto-Checking Blister Machine (DPB-250B-I)The auto-checking blister machine is the latest generation product in our company. The auto-checking blister machine uses PLC Human Interface, with frequency converter. It features high automation, easy operation, novel figure, all-round-functions, advanced technology, stable running, durable life, and conforms to the "GMP Standard". The auto-checking blister machine is ideal for AL/PL, AL/AL, Paper/PL packaging. It has passed ...
  • Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine (DPB-140E)
  • Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine (DPB-140E)The flat plate blister packing machine is the latest product designed especially for middle and small sized pharmacy factories, preparation rooms of hospitals, and health care factories. The flat plate blister packing machine uses a micro-computer and touch panel to operate. With frequency speed regulation, adjustable stroke, convenience of operation, and firm structure, the flat plate blister packing machine is the ideal packaging ...
  • DPB-250 Food Blister Packaging Machine (Chocolate, Jam, Butter, Candy)
  • DPB-250 Food Blister Packaging Machine (Chocolate, Jam, Butter, Candy)As a type of packaging machine, the food blister machine was developed to pack chocolates, butter, biscuits, perfume, essence, facemasks etc. with AL/PL, PL/PL materials. The food blister machine uses a micro-computer control system and frequency converter and features higher automation and easy operation. The food blister machine is ideal for use in the foodstuff and cosmetics industries. ...
  • Vacuum Forming Machine (ZPQ-250)
  • Vacuum Forming Machine (ZPQ-250)As a type of vacuum forming machine, the auto plastic blown and forming die-cutting machine ZPQ-250 is a newly developed machine by our research team to meet the needs of today's market. The vacuum forming machine is characterized by easy operation and low energy consumption. It is suitable for forming foodstuffs, medical equipment and the trays for electronic elements. The vacuum forming machine has integrated multi ...
  • Automatic Paper Packaging Machine (HP-500 Series)
  • Automatic Paper Packaging Machine (HP-500 Series)The automatic paper packaging machine is used for paper plastic packing of countless products such as cakes, injection, injectors, toy cars, scissors, flashlights, batteries, spark plugs, tooth brushes, lipsticks, facial masks, coat and hat hooks, chopsticks, cleaning balls, bottle openers, shavers, correction liquids, ball pens, etc. It is also used in food, medicine, medical equipment, toys, small hardware, small household appliances, electronics, ...
  • Fish Food Packaging Machine DPB Series (Red Worms)
  • Fish Food Packaging Machine DPB Series (Red Worms)With the quality of people's life increasing, more and more families and enterprises will purchase pet fish. Our fish food packaging machine supplies healthy food for pet fish such as red worms, baby shrimp, and small shrimp meat. Using our fish food packaging machine, the food for fish is packed with al-plastic materials in a manner that overcomes defects like losing the freshness of the nutrients of the red worms and producing ...
  • Cosmetics Packaging Machine DPB-250 (Crystal Facial Mask)
  • Cosmetics Packaging Machine DPB-250 (Crystal Facial Mask)The cosmetics packaging machine uses a PLC Human-Interface control system to operate, using servo dragging control to ensure the accuracy and stability of the cosmetics packaging machine.
    All electric components are brand name products and the cover is made of 304 stainless steel. The parts that come in contact with the material are made from innocuous and corrosion resistant material. ...
  • Automatic Cartoning Machine (ANTZ-100P Bottle Sorting)
  • Automatic Cartoning Machine (ANTZ-100P Bottle Sorting)This automatic cartoning machine is used for cardboard case packaging of bottles (round, square), cosmetics, food and so on. It consists of direction folding (1-4 folds) and feeding equipment, cardboard case forming and feeding, batch number printing, sealing of case tongues at both ends, etc. The whole encasing process is finished automatically. Our automatic cartoning machine can be added to a hot-glue machine. ...

At Antai, we are consistently focused on providing high quality blister machine and capsule filling machine. To acquire quality raw materials and spare parts, we work with well-known suppliers and routinely assign experts to monitor them. We also implement the ISO9000 quality management system to strictly inspect every procedure. Through the use of advanced production equipment such as a CNC machining center, CNC lathe and universal milling machine, we can ensure the performance of our thermo blister machine and automatic capsule filling machine.

In order to provide quality products at economical prices, we take a series of measures to cut costs. For instance, we provide our employees with frequent training to advance their skills and improve efficiency. The implementation of a 5S management system also aids us in improving efficiency in management and reducing waste. In addition, the qualification rate of our products is always 100%, which helps us to save on after-sales service cost. What's more, our location in Ruian city affords us easy access to a multitude of suppliers, so we can acquire resources economically and quickly. Consequently, we are able to offer customers high quality products at competitive prices.

We at Antai stand proudly behind each product sold. We provide a one-year warranty, during which defective parts are replaced free of charge. We can also offer installation, commissioning, and training services if needed.

If you have any questions or require more information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.